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How Does Suction Work?

gast vacuum pump

Suction is used by countless things and people in our world today. From plungers to hoses to vacuums and pumps, we use it almost daily. Heck, we even breathe by sucking in air! But have you ever stopped to think about how suction works? What makes air move the way it does to expel force on an object?

Well suction is a force that is exerted on an area. When the pressure is lowered in an area, the area with the higher pressure will begin using suction to attempt to balance things out. Think about it like a pumping system. An old pump with a lever on one end operates by suction, and there’s a tank inside the pump. When you use the lever on the pump, you are pushing a liquid (let’s say water), into the tank.

The tank gets filled with water, and as you exert more pressure, you force the excess liquid out of the pump and to the surface where you can get to it. That’s suction, the movement of air that carries liquid along with it. Blowing up a balloon works the same way, where you use the pressure in your lungs to force air out of them and into the balloon.

When you breathe, your lungs act like balloons, and inflate when you inhale and vice versa. This enables air to get in and out of our bodies without any trouble, and we don’t have to work as hard.

Without pressure and the movement of air, things like a gast vacuum pump or hose wouldn’t work right. There simply wouldn’t be enough movement to get the water or the debris away from where it is and into where it should be. Without suction, we might find vital tasks like breathing all but impossible!